Big E Potato, Columbia South Carolina, Elite Epicurean Restaurant

Meals of the Southern American Semi-Royalty

The Elite Epicurean operated at the corner of Main Street and Laural Street in Columbia, South Carolina until 1997.  Guests dined on two-inch thick pork chops, rib eye steaks, lamb chops and sea food as would royalty.
Many people passed through the Main Street red awning covered door way. Movie stars, president elects, rock stars, judges, juries, senators, and governors visited the Elite. Brides and grooms made announcements, retirees threw parties and Prom King and Queens enjoyed the fan fare.
There was another crowd at the Elite Epicurean. They did not come in through the front door, but the side door, from Laural Street. Movers and shakers of another type. There were those, like myself who spent muggy hot summers, and later made it to the pay roll, and those who could not cut the heat. I only dined in the dining room 3 times, in over the 25 years my mother worked for the Elite Epicurean. But I ate 100’s of meals, standing at the butcher block that I worked from in the kitchen.
Whether someone was a mover and shaker, a law-maker, movie star, a regular or just passing through Columbia, South Carolina they had a favorite dish at the Elite Epicurean.