Shrimp Scorpio

One of the most asked for recipes from the now closed Elite Epicurean, formerly located in Columbia, South Carolina is Shrimp Scorpio.  Named such for the bite from the shrimp being boiled in Ouzo.  Ouzo is the Greek version of vodka.  Topped off with fresh tomatoes, onions and feta cheese, and broiled to mix the flavors.  Try it once, enjoy it forever.


As there were multiple servings prepared at one time, you will have to tinker with the recipe, depending on how much you are planning to prepare.


But here are the basics:


Peel, remove the vein and submerge in ice cold water until ready to prepare.


In a large 6 to 8 quart pot or kettle:  Melt 1 pound of butter, bring to a boil.  Let set until cool, and pour off the water, when it separates from the butter solids.  Add Ouzo, carefully as it with come to a flash point and flame up.  Let the actual alcohol burn off.  Leaving the butter solids and the leftover Ouzo.  Add the raw shrimp and cook until pink.  Remove and let cool down, setting the pan in an ice bath.  Once the mix is solid, pour off the excess liquids.  What remains is basically shrimp in a butter and Ouzo sauce.


Dice fresh tomatoes, onions and crumble feta cheese.


Layer cold shrimp, onions, tomatoes and feta cheese; and broil till hot.Image


The Elite Epicurean Restaurant

The Elite Epicurean Restaurant, closed July 1997. Located at the corner of Main Street and Laurel Street, in Columbia, South Carolina. Everyone that visited this once great Columbia Hot Spot has a favorite dish or meal.

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The Elite Epicurean Restaurant